一 假设你叫王明,昨天收到了笔友David的e-mail,得知他不久要到北京来学习中文。


英语作文网 Dear David, I'm glad you'll come to Beijing to learn Chinese. Chinese is very useful, and many foreigners are learning it now. It's difficult for you because it's quite different from English. You have to remember as many Chinese words as possible. It's also important to do some reading and writing. You can watch TV and listen to the radio to practise your listening. Do your best to talk with people in Chinese. You can learn Chinese not only from books but also from people around you. If you have any questions, please ask me. I'm sure you'll learn Chinese well. Hope to see you soon in Beijing. Yours, Wang Ming 二 请你根据下面的提纲,以“我的家乡”为题,写一篇100—120字的短文。 提纲: (1) 家乡的地理位置; (2) 解放前的情况; (3) 解放后的变化; (4) 对家乡的感情。

My Home Town My home town is a beautiful place. It stands beside a wide river and is rich in fish and rice. But in the old days it was a poor and backward little town. Many people had no work. They lived a hard life. In 1949 my hometown was liberated. Since then great changes have taken place there. The streets have been widened. Factories, schools, hospitals, cinemas and theatres have sprung up one after another. The life of the people is greatly improved. I love my hometown. All the more I love its people. They are working hard so as to make it still richer and more beautiful. 三 健康对于我们每个人来说是非常重要的,但你的父母天天忙于工作而忽略了这个问题,你很为他们担忧。请你以此为话题,并结合提示给他们写一封信。

提示:1.要走路去上班,而不是开车或坐车; 2.每周至少去体育馆锻炼一次,或打球、或游泳; 3.饮食要健康; 4.不要工作太晚,要早休息。 要求:1.短文结构完整,意思连贯,语言流畅,语法准确,符合逻辑; 2.80—100词左右; 3.开头和结尾部分已给出,不计入总词数。

Dear Dad(Mum), You're so busy every day that you don't pay much attention to your health. I'm worried about your health all the time. I'd like to give you some suggestions. I hear walking is the best sport. Your company isn't far from home, is it? Why not walk to the office? You'd better take exercise at least once a week, such as playing tennis in the gym. Going to swim is also a nice choice, too. What's more, it's necessary to have healthy food. Try not to stay up too late. Having enough sleep can help your brain work better. Dad, please accept my advice. I really wish you healthy! Your loving son (daughter) Tom (Mary) 四 Dear Dad(Mum), You're so busy every day that you don't pay much attention to your health.I am worried about you. I hope you can keep healthy. You often drive to your office. It is not far.What about walking there because it can make you much stronger?I'd like you to play basketball or go swimming in the gym at least once a week. It is important to eat healthy food such as vegetables, meat, eggs and fruits. Though your work is hard, I still hope that you can go to bed early so that you can get enough sleep. I'm looking forward to receiving your letter. Your loving son (daughter) Tom (Mary) 五 随着阳光体育运动在全国开展,政府对中学生身体素质有所下降这个问题给予了高度重视,提出了这样的标语:“EXERCISE ONE HOUR A DAY, KEEP ILLNESS AWAY”。同学们参加了各种体育锻炼之后,校园里出现了可喜的变化,强身健体,增强了学习效果,校园生活丰富了。

请你报道一下学校开展这一活动的情况。 注意:1. 词数80—100左右。

2. 要求文章结构合理、内容通顺、句子连贯。 参考词汇:build up one's body strength 强健身体 reduce diseases 减少疾病 As the Sunny Sports is developing in our country, the government has paid attention to the health of the students and raised, "EXERCISE ONE HOUR A DAY, KEEP ILLNESS AWAY". So far our school life has changed a lot. Now we have more time to do sport in the morning or after school. We play footb。



Pollution of environment These days we often hear that (our living conditions are getting more and more serious because of the destruction of our environment ).It is common that (many trees and animals are near extinction, and the all-important food chain has been destroyed.). Why does such circumstance occur in spite of social protects? For one thing, (the population of the world is increasing so rapidly that the world has been so crowded. ).For another,(the overuse of natural resources has influenced the balance of natural ecology ). What is more, since (the industrial revolution ),it is natural that (a great number of factories have been springing up like mushrooms. The smoke and harmful chemicals released from factories also pollute the environment). To solve the problem is not easy at all, but is worthing. We should do something such as (planting more trees, equipping cars with pollution-control devices and learning to recycling natural resources )to improve the present situation, and I do believe everything will be better in the future.。



Good afternoon, everyone! The topic of my speech today is “My Attitude to Pursuit of Fashion in School”.Now in our school there is a hot pursuit of fashion. Some students live a very expensive life. They have the same hairstyles as their favorable stars and wear top brand of clothes and shoes. Some use expensive mobile phones.The reasons why they do so are as follows. Firstly, they hope to look smart and special. Secondly, they want to win others' admiration and respect. In addition, it makes them feel cool .As far as I am concerned, we students should hold the right sense of values. We should practice thrift in our daily life because it is one of our Chinese traditional virtues. What's more , it is advisable for us to donate some pocket money to the Hope Project so that those poor children in rural areas can return to school to receive normal education. Last but not least, it is the inner beauty rather than our appearance that makes us respectable.Thank you for listening!大家下午好! 我今天演讲的题目是“我的态度在学校工作,追求时尚”。







谢谢你听着!What a Great Olympic Games! The 29th Olympic Games has been over in Beijing, China on August 24,2008, which has left a great impression on the whole world. About 204 countries and regions attended the Olympic Games. In the Games, our Chinese athletes have won 51 gold medals, while America,36; Russia,23. This is the first time that we, Chinese athletes have won so many gold medals in one Olympic Games, which means our sports games belong to the first class in the world! It is our athletes' intelligence and other qualities that have won the great honor for us Chinese all! Days when we were looked down upon have gone forever! From the very Games, we have proved that our government has the ability to hold the Olympic Games successfully! Not only can we hold the Olympic Games well, but also we can perform well. The fact has showed everything to the world! It is the successful 29th Olympic Games that destroys the saying of those who doubted about it days ago! What a great, successful and impressive Olympic Games! 多么伟大的奥运会! 第29届奥运会已在北京结束,在2008.8.8-2008.8.24,这对整个世界留下一个伟大的印象中国。约204个国家和地区参加了奥运会。

在奥运会上,我国体育健儿获得51枚金牌,而美国,36,俄罗斯,23。这是我们第一次,中国选手夺得一奥运会,这意味着我们的体育比赛属于世界一流这么多的金牌! 这是我们的运动员已获得的情报,并为我们伟大的荣誉中的所有其他品质!当我们被轻视时已一去不复返天!从非常奥运会,我们已经证明,我们的政府有能力举办奥运会成功!我们不仅能举办奥运会良好,但也可以表现良好。

事实已经表明一切的世界!这是第29届奥运会成功摧毁这些谁对此表示怀疑天前说!真是一个伟大的,成功的和令人难忘的奥运会! TVs and RadiosTVs are more useful than radios. From TV you can see and hear what is happening in the world. However, radios are not disappearing. They are still with us. And the number of listeners is becoming larger. Do you know why?One reason for this is the invention of the transistor. A transistor radio can be very small. It is very easy to be carried. Besides, radio broadcasts are better for blind people. Many old people don't have good eyesight. They can't watch TV, but can listen to music or news over the radio. What's more, a radio is cheaper than a TV set.电视及收音机 电视比收音机有用。你可以从电视看到和听到在世界上发生的。


与听众人数越来越多。你知道为什么吗? 其中一个原因是晶体管的发明。




A new park for children has been set up to welcome' the coming of Children's Day, The park is in the south of our city, covering an area of 500 mu. Entering the park you can see statues of children in differe。



今天你的房东Mrs. Wilson 不在家,你准备外出,请给Mrs. Wilson 写一留言条,内容包括: 1.外出购物 2.替房东还书 3.Tracy 来电话留言:1)咖啡屋(Bolton Coffee)见面取消 2)此事已告知Susan 3) 尽快回电 注意:1. 词数100左右; 2.可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。 Mrs. Wilson, I'm going out shopping, and won't be back until about 5:00 pm. I have taken with me the two books you asked me to return to the City Library. At about 1 o'clock this afternoon, Tracy called, saying that she couldn't meet you at Bolton Coffee tomorrow morning as she has something important to attend to. She felt very sorry about that, but said that you could set some other time for the meeting. She wanted you to call her back as soon as you are home. She has already told Susan about this change. Yours, Li Hua 假设你是红星中学高三一班的学生李华,为响应绿化祖国的号召,你班四月十二日去郊区植树,请根据以下四幅图的先后顺序,介绍植树活动的全过程,给某英文杂志的“绿色行动”专栏写一篇以“Green Action in Our Class”为题的英文稿件。

注意:词数不少于60 提示词:郊区 suburbs April 12 is memorable because our class had a meaningful experience on that day. In the morning, we bicycled to the suburbs to plant trees, talking and laughing all the way. Upon arrival, we began to work immediately. Some were digging holes. Some were carrying and planting young trees. Others were watering . After getting the work done, we put up a board reminding people to protect the trees. Before leaving we took some photos to record our green action. Seeing the lines of trees, we all had a sense of achievement. We feel it's our duty to protect and beautify our environment. 【名师点评】 本文是设计巧妙的提纲要点式作文,与环保结合,立意较好。文章思路清晰,要点连贯,在语言的表达上选词新颖,同时运用了分词短语作状语等较好的句式表达 鼠标是计算机时代最佳的人机交互工具之一。


请你以鼠标为切入点,根据下表所提示的信息,用英语写一篇短文。 鼠标的必要性对多数人来说,操作计算机,上网冲浪…… 鼠标的便捷性点击、移动、插入、拷贝、删除……编辑文本,搜索信息…… 收发邮件,选购商品…… 点播音乐,下载电影…… 如果过分依赖鼠标…… (请考生结合自身感受,列举两到三点) 注意: 1.对所给要点逐一陈述,适当发挥,不要简单翻译。


3.作文中不得提及考生所在学校和本人姓名。 The mouse is a most effective device used by people to communicate with a computer. For most people, it's almost impossible to operate a computer without a mouse, let alone surf the Internet. A well-chosen mouse is really handy, flexible and convenient in controlling the screen. With the functions of inserting, deleting, moving and copying, it enables us to edit test, browse web page and download what we want. It can even bring us a flood of music, movies and PC games. Just imagine, all this can be done with a cute mouse. A convenient tool can certainly make our work easier, but it doesn't always help in a positive way. Too much ready information on our fingertips leaves little room for knowledge pursuing. Too many ready answers make us less excited in finding truth. Relying too much on mouse clicking makes us lazier and less creative both mentally and physically. 【名师点评】本文为提纲式说明文体裁,所选内容与我们生活相关,考生只要把所给要点逐条陈述,适度发挥,不要逐条翻译即可。


2008高考英语满分作文 【全国卷】 【试题回放】假定你是李华,从小喜爱大熊猫(panda),一直通过有关网站(website)关注三年前在美国圣迭哥动物园出生的大熊猫“苏琳”和她的母亲“白云”。现在苏琳即将三岁。

请根据以下要点给动物园工作人员写一封信: 1、自我介绍;2、祝贺苏琳生日;3、感谢工作人员;4、索取苏琳三岁生日照。 注意:1、词数100左右;2、可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯;3、开头语已为你写好。

例文: Dear Sir/Madam, Greetings from China! I'm Li Hua, a student in Sichuan. I've been a panda lover since I was a child. About three years ago I was delighted to learn that Baiyun gave birth to her daughter Sulin and I've been watching her grow on your website,. Now she's going to be three. I'd like to wish her a happy birthday and to express my thanks to you for your hard work, because of which Sulin and her parents are living a happy and healthy life in the US. By 。


451) Too much liberty spills all. 自由放任,一事无成。

452) Too much praise is a burden. 过多夸奖,反成负担。 453) To save time is to lengthen life. 节约时间就是延长生命。

454) Touch pitch, and you will be defiled. 常在河边走,哪有不湿鞋。 455) Troubles never come singly. 福无双至,祸不单行。

456) Truth never grows old. 真理永存。 457) Turn over a new leaf. 洗心革面,改过自新。

458) Two dogs strive for a bone, and a third runs away with it. 鹬蚌相争,渔翁得利。 459) Two heads are better than one. 一个好汉三个帮。

460) Two of a trade seldom agree. 同行是冤家。 461) Two wrongs do not make a right. 别人错了,不等于你对了。

462) Unity is strength. 团结就是力量。 463) Unpleasant advice is a good medicine. 忠言逆耳利于行。

464) Until all is over one's ambition never dies. 不到黄河心不死。 465) Venture a small fish to catch a great one. 吃小亏占大便宜。

466) Virtue is fairer far than beauty. 美德远远胜过美貌。 467) Walls have ears. 小心隔墙有耳。

468) Wash your dirty linen at home. 家丑不可外扬。 469) Water dropping day by day wears the hardest rock away. 滴水穿石。

470) Wealth is nothing without health. 失去健康,钱再多也没用。 471) We know not what is good until we have lost it. 好东西,失去了才明白。

472) Well begun is half done. 好的开始,是成功的一半。 473) We never know the worth of water till the well is dry. 井干方知水可贵。

474) We shall never have friends if we expect to find them without fault. 欲求完美无缺的朋友必然成为孤家寡人。 475) We should never remember the benefits we have offered nor forget the favor received. 自己的好事别去提,别人的恩惠要铭记。

476) Wet behind the ears. 乳臭未干。 477) Whatever you do, do with all your might. 不管做什么,都要一心一意。

478) What is learned in the cradle is carried to the grave. 儿时所学,终生难忘。 479) What's done cannot be undone. 生米煮成熟饭了。

480) What's lost is lost. 失者不可复得。 481) What we do willingly is easy. 愿者不难。

482) When in Rome, do as the Romans do. 入国问禁,入乡随俗。 483) When everybody's somebody then nobody's anybody. 人人都伟大,世间没豪杰。

484) When sorrow is asleep, wake it not. 伤心旧事别重提。 485) When sorrows come, they come not single spies, but in battalions. 新仇旧恨,齐上心头。

486) When the fox preaches, take care of your geese. 黄鼠狼给鸡拜年,没安好心。 487) When wine is in truth, wit is out. 酒后吐真言。

488) Where there is a will, there is a way. 有志者事竟成。 489) Where there is life, there is hope. 留得青山在,不怕没柴烧。

490) Where there is smoke, there is fire. 事出有因。 491) While the priest climbs a post, the devil climbs ten. 道高一尺,魔高一丈。

492) Who chatters to you, will chatter of you. 搬弄口舌者必是小人。 493) Whom the gods love die young. 好人不长命。

494) Wise man have their mouths in their hearts, fools have their hearts in their mouths. 智者嘴在心里,愚者心在嘴里。 495) Work makes the workman. 勤工出巧匠。

496) You cannot burn the candle at both ends. 蜡烛不能两头点,精力不可过分耗。 497) You cannot eat your cake and have it. 鱼与熊掌,不可得兼。

498) You can take a horse to the water but you cannot make him drink. 强扭的瓜不甜。 499) You may know by a handful the whole sack. 由一斑可知全貌。

500) You never know what you can till you try. 是驴子是马,拉出来遛遛。301) Never judge from appearances. 不可以貌取人。

302) Never say die. 永不言败。 303) Never too old to learn, never too late to turn. 亡羊补牢,为时未晚。

304) New wine in old bottles. 旧瓶装新酒。 305) No cross, no crown. 不经历风雨,怎么见彩虹。

306) No garden without its weeds. 没有不长草的园子。 307) No living man all things can. 世上没有万事通。

308) No man can do two things at once. 一心不可二用。 309) No man is born wise or learned. 没有生而知之者。

310) No man is content. 人心不足蛇吞象。 311) No man is wise at all times. 聪明一世,糊涂一时。

312) None are so blind as those who won't see. 视而不见。 313) None are so deaf as those who won't hear. 充耳不闻。

314) No news is good news. 没有消息就是好消息。 315) No one can call back yesterday. 昨日不会重现。

316) No pains, no gains. 没有付出就没有收获。 317) No pleasure without pain. 没有苦就没有乐。

318) No rose without a thorn. 没有不带刺的玫瑰。 319) No sweet without sweat. 先苦后甜。

320) No smoke without fire. 无风不起浪。 322) Nothing brave, nothing have. 不入虎穴,焉得虎子。

323) Nothing dries sooner than a tear. 眼泪干得最快。 324) Nothing in the world is difficult for one who sets his mind to it. 世上无难事,只怕有心人。

325) Nothing is difficult t。


Now the fifth set was the key to suecess. The hcad each told Deng Yaping to use their secret weapon which is unknown to Chen Jing. Deng Yaping calmed herself and attacked with overwhemlming foree and flashing speed and smashed Chen Jing's attacks. The more she fights, the braver she is. At last she again saved the honor of the Chinese ping pong team and captured the gold medal. She finished the last beat with tears running down her cheecks. I was crying too. It saddens me to see members of one nation fighting each other as rivals on opposing sides at international matches. Now the Chinese five star red flag is slowly rising accompanied by the national anthem. Deng Yaping, you are the pride of our country。



如几个高级单词,短语。如人家用sometimes,你用off and on.你必须会用衔接词如then, after, meanwhile, at the same time .为了使语言丰富,可以用同义词如write,compose,put down/pleasure,delight,hapiness,enjoyment.会用一些从句如定语从句(The man who does not come to the Great Wall is not a true man.不到长城非好汉!),强调句(It is in 2008 year when I was admitted by Yale university.) 同位语从句(when I heard the news that I was admitted by Yale university,I was great happy.)等等。


现在的高中单词好多是CET-4(四级)的单词,你还必须会用句型如It takes sb some time to do sth.想增加你的水平你可以用虚拟语气,独立主格结构。你最好把语法学好,到大学不再有新的语法了。


不啰嗦了。At last I want give my best whises to you.I believe you can go to the university that you want to。


Dear mother,How's everything going at home? I miss you and dad very much.I am pretty good in school, so you and dad do not have to worry about me. I am a senior student in high school so that I am busy with my study all the time. I work hard to prepare the college entrance examination and I think I do a great job now. Teachers care much about me and when I have problems, I always ask them. They encourage me very often, considering that I can go to the university I dream of. Of course, I take good care of myself in life. I build good relationships with my friends and classmates, which makes me happy to be with them.Please take good care of yourselves at home. I love you.Truly yours,Christina 亲爱的妈妈:家里一切都好吗?我很想念您和爸爸。





您亲爱的克里斯蒂娜 美丽的时光 The Most Beautiful Time Now, I am a senior student in high school, who worked so hard in the past two years. As we all know, the study burden of high school students in China is heavy. Therefore, we spend most of our time in study and we have little time to have fun. However, I still consider the days in high school are the greatest, because I develop my strong will, improve my comprehensive abilities and make good friends in high school. In daily life, I meet many problems in life and study, but I overcome them all. In the process, I get improvement. In addition, I develop deep relationships with my classmates while we study together. We help each other and make progress together. We share our happiness and sorrows and support each other. There is an old saying that a friend in need is a friend indeed. It's the support and sharing that make the days cherished.现在我是一名高三的学生,在过去的两年里我很努力地学习,因为众所周知的,在中国中学生的学习负担非常重。因此,我们花费大部分的时间在学习上,玩乐的时间却很少。





It is generally believed that there is a good supply of fresh water. But to our disappointment, the fact is just the opposite. As we can see, the world population is growing rapidly day by day. So enough fresh water is needed to feed such a big population. What's more, with the development of industry, factories and vehicles produce poisonous gases or wastes, which consequently results in the pollution of water. Though fresh, a good amount of it can no longer be used. Only quite limited fresh water resource is available to human beings. So it's high time for us human beings to take quick action to protect water resource. Stop pollution and save water, otherwise, we cannot survive on the earth. With fresh water, the world will be prosperous. 二、人们大量捕杀动物,请你就这一看法发表自己的看法。

As is often read in the newspaper reports, wild life especially the rare species is threatened with extinction. Human beings are making attempts to hunt wild animals for a big profit., which, of course, results in a sharp decrease in the number of animals. So it is high time for us to take quick action to protect them. First of all, it's quite necessary for every citizen to realize the importance of animal protection. Only by knowing its importance can people develop a sense of responsibility. People will surely take it for granted to have the duty to prevent any killing of wild animals. So a national publicity campaign should be launched, thus giving animals a good living environment. In addition, the government should pass some laws to forbid any hunting of rare animals. We don't expect anything harmful to wild life to happen again. If everyone is involved in the protection of wild life, we're sure man will be a good friend of animals rather than their enemy. 三、What is a good parent-children relationship? A good parent-children relationship should be set up on the basis mutual understanding and respect. Parents can not impose their ideas on their children. They should treat their children as independent individual. It is advisable for the parents to learn to listen to children's ideas and encourage them to think on their own rather than decide everything for the children. On the other hand, children should listen to their parents' advice for they're more experienced. Try to be understanding when there is disagreement with parents. Always keep one thing in min---whatever they do comes from their love for us. It is necessary children to exchange ideas with parents from time to time so that the gap between parents and children will be narrowed 四、请简要阐述为什么学生们渴望上大学。 Students long to attend colleges or universities for various reasons. In my opinion, the most common reasons are to prepare for a career, to have new experiences and learn to be independent. Career preparation is becoming more and more important to young people. For many, this is the primary reason to go to college. They know that the job market is competitive and in order to be employed in the future they have to be well equipped with knowledge and skills. Also, students go to colleges or universities to have experiences and learn to live on their own. Going to colleges often means having the opportunity to meet with different people from different parts of the country. They learn to communicate and co-operate with each other. For most students, we guess, it is the first time that they have been away from home. They are faced with many new situations and have to learn to solve them independently, making decisions on their own and dealing with various things themselves. So colleges and universities help them grow up. Surely, colleges and universities become their first choice. 五、Private car Outline: 1)Advantages of owning a private car. 2)Disadvantages of owning a private car. 3)Should it be necessary to enlarge the private car market? Why or why not? Nowadays, any Chinese can enjoy the luxury of owning a private car - if he or she can afford it. Having a car of your own means no more traveling to work on crowded buses or subway trains, and you can drop off the children at school on the way. Moreover, it also means that you can enjoy the weekends and holidays better, because with a car you can go to places where the regular buses and trains do not go, and so you can find a quiet scenic spot with no crowds. However, there are drawbacks to owning a car. For one thing, with the increase in car ownership in recent years, the roads are becoming more and more crowded, often making the journey to work more of a nightmare than a dream. For another, it is not cheap to run a car, as the prices of 。


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本文主要为您介绍2017安徽高考满分作文,内容包括高考满分作文高考满分作文《空白的独舞》在哪里可以哪到?,高考满分作文,今年高考安徽卷优秀作文。你好! 高考满分作文:《空白的独舞》 见惯了满月光华,完满无缺,那一弯弦月却以沉默的睿智的空缺,












本文主要为您介绍心有阳光高考作文,内容包括心中有阳光作文600,以《心中有阳光》为作文题目写一篇作文,高中作文800字《拥有正能量,心中有阳光》。心中的阳光(一) 毫不夸张地说,我生命能够继续就是心中那缕阳光创造的奇迹。一 当我还是一株小








本文主要为您介绍高考小作文抒情150字,内容包括高考满分抒情作文,急需!!!,记叙抒情议论150字关于母爱,我要150字的描写、抒情、议论很多篇,朋友们能给多少给多少,我看。做一朵昙花,只有香如故 昙花,一现。 至今不能忘却初见昙花的惊异月光如




本文主要为您介绍高考高分作文经典句子,内容包括我急需一些高考满分作文精彩语句,高考语文作文万能句子,高考满分作文摘抄。我相信你 轻揭面纱,月姑娘把银白的清辉洒满大地。微风轻轻拂,阵阵清凉抚摸着大地,然而吹进我心中却是丝丝冰冷:“灵灵,








本文主要为您介绍关于团结高考作文800字,内容包括团结合作高考作文,写一篇关于团结的高考满分作文,求写一篇以团结为话题的高中作文!谢谢!。合作的感觉真好 每个人都有自己不同的感觉,例如:玩耍的感觉真好,分享的感觉真好,互相关爱的感觉真好…








本文主要为您介绍2017安徽高考满分作文,内容包括高考满分作文高考满分作文《空白的独舞》在哪里可以哪到?,高考满分作文,今年高考安徽卷优秀作文。你好! 高考满分作文:《空白的独舞》 见惯了满月光华,完满无缺,那一弯弦月却以沉默的睿智的空缺,












本文主要为您介绍心有阳光高考作文,内容包括心中有阳光作文600,以《心中有阳光》为作文题目写一篇作文,高中作文800字《拥有正能量,心中有阳光》。心中的阳光(一) 毫不夸张地说,我生命能够继续就是心中那缕阳光创造的奇迹。一 当我还是一株小